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My name is .
I am a Product Manager with an experienced background in engineering and marketing.

The features you will fall in love with

My diverse background brings a together a unique set of competencies.

  • Strategic thinking

    Thinking about the long term and defining strategy are at the core of how I act. I help to make the connection between what we do daily with the long-term vision.

  • Building structure

    I love to build and iterate methodologies that help people thrive in chaotic environments and situations. Growing implies a constant change, and it's crucial to adapt.

  • Solving problems

    I challenge myself and those around me to get to the root cause and to be resourceful. Building a complex solution it's easy, but making it simple, it's harder.

  • Outcomes oriented

    Launching a feature is great, but what matters is the impact generated by what we do on the users, customers, and business. There is where the focus should be.

My curriculum

Have a glance at my career path, my different experiences, and some of my achievements.

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Paulo Teixeira Resume CV | ftpaul.io

Side Projects

I enjoy to dedicate time to explore ideias of micro products or just build tools to impact my daily life. It can be a simple spreadsheet or a more complex tool.

ftpaul.io chatbot

ftpaul.io chatbot

Built a simple chatbot to help people interact with a virtual and limited version of myself!

OKRs Tracking Template

OKRs Tracking Template

Since 2017, I am using OKRs as a personal goal method setting. Here you can find a template spreadhseet to track them.

What others say about me

There are no better references than the people that worked with me in the past. Happy to provide more upon request.

Paulo is an ace team player and deeply cares about creating an environment in which everyone can excel. He frequently checks in with the people around him and does what is in his power to support them and remove roadblocks.

Finally, Paulo is the definition of zen. His calm and controlled nature is definitely something that affects people around him in the most positive way. His positive attitude is contagious.

Chris Grabiński

Chris Grabinski
Front-end Developer / Typeform

(...) He transitioned from marketing into product management really well, he has the product mindset of understanding the problem accurately and them moving to the solution.

Paulo adapts very fast to the changing conditions of the market, which often require last minute changes to on-going projects. These are never a problem but are seen as an opportunity to further improve our position.

Pedro Martinho

Pedro Martinho
Senior Product Manager / Loggi

Paulo is known for always asking the right questions, challenging anyone in the team. His curiosity is sincere and positive. He is dedicated to growth, experimentation and learning - a valuable asset in a fast paced organisation.

Fernando Amaral

Fernando Amaral
Marketing Director / Tonic App

Paulo’s unique personality traits are a must in any team — he’ll keep challenging every manager to seek excellence while granting a more humane group of people working together.

Mariana Silva

Mariana Silva
Conversation & Product Designer / Skoach

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